Candy Bouquet Store

If you enjoy creating edible gift items for holidays, birthdays or other special occasions, consider opening a candy bouquet store. Using your imagination and creativity, you can design an infinite number of bouquets for a variety of customers Understanding the needs of your customers and providing quality customer service guarantees return customers and referrals. Increase your customer base by offering sales and promotions, unusual bouquet arrangements and local delivery options.

Why you should choose this idea?

This is a fun business! You get to be creative because you have to come up with different styles and presentations using lots of different candies and treats.It can be done from home so there is no need to commit to a commercial space if you don’t want to.A candy bouquet makes people smile, so you will be helping to spread joy as part of your day-to-day work.

Skills you need

  • Creative Mind.
  • Designing skills.
  • Packing Idea.

Things required to start

  • Gift bag or box (feel free to wrap it with seasonal wrapping paper to make it playful, or hot glue candy to it).
  • Package of wooden skewers.
  • Dry floral foam block or Styrofoam.
  • An assortment of candy and chocolate.

Investment Needed

  • Small Place for offline store.
  • Website expenses for online sale.

Finding Customers

  • Market your candy bouquet store both online and in print to reach more potential customers.
  • Create a website to showcase different bouquets, promote sales, provide hours of operation and contact information.

Action Plan

  • Create Samples for Show.
  • Start Marketing and Target Customers.
  • Source Your Candy Suppliers.


Business Activity – work in your free time and make money
Target Customers - Any individual.
Investment – Chocolate expenses, Initial Cost.