Cloth Selling Portal

Online clothes and apparels sales have boomed significantly in last one decade. Modern social dwellers in the urban landscape have found affinities with the e-showcases that are offering vibrant varieties online at attractive discounts. You can also benefit through such a business idea and launch your own clothes selling portal. It warrants the ability to source quality garments from the manufacturers and offer them at the competitive prices together with buyers’ deals and discounts. Securing such business equation fruitfully, this idea promises heavy profits for you and a loyal customer base too!

Why you should choose this idea?

Due to online shopping cloth we had good quality products so we can easily choose the product and save time and money of shopping to visit on physical store.

Skills you need

Knowledge of internet suffering

Aware about payment on e-commerce using like google-pay,phone-pe etc

Aware about Terms and condition

Things required to start

E-commerce web-portal

Online marketing

Purchasing medium like credit card,debit card and paypal account

Internet facilities

Computer or mobile communication

Shopping skills

Operation knowledge

Right website

Finding Customers

Circulate your website link to your friends an family.

Keep offer on your products

Online Marketing using social media channels

Write blogs on your products and service

Action Plan

Our organisation should reach to more and more people who are buying the cloth online and we should serve them good quality product and service.

Investment Needed

Here is the list of things which will help you get started:

An online platform (ecommerce) for sales :
The backbone of your business. You can set it up your self by using woocommerce or magento or any of the ready to use platforms. They already have ready to use plugins for payment gateways, shipments, etc. Now, I am clueless of your technical skill set but even if you are a novice, these platforms are quite easy to use (especially woocommercs). You will need a domain name, server space, woocommerce setup and few plugins. All of the above should not cost you more than USD 60 if you are willing to learn installation and setup yourself. The other alternatives is using one of SAAS based ecommerce platforms where they charge you a monthly fees and provide you a plethora of features to work with. One of the one recently started using for a client’s website is ECwid store. So far so good with them.

A firm registered in the state where you belong to.
You will need VAT for selling and then pay taxes to our respect govt. The process wont cost you more than USD 100.

Tie up with courier companies.
The point is sorted if you are using one of the SAAS platforms in your country, as they already have tie up with companies. Still, if you plan to work yourself you will require a tie up with the courier companies to negotiate a better contract. This one does not cost a penny but a lot of time to work with them.

Last but not the least, get ready to be your own sales
, customer executive and ready to give a lot of time to your business. The time spent here is not paid initially. You can do an assessment your self of your hourly cost and figure put a rough number of what it will cost you to do the work yourself.


Business Activity – E-commerce web-portal
Target Customers - Any individual over internet
Investment – Almost zero at start