Cyber Cafe + Co Working Space

The clout of cyber space is expanding in the social economy and everyone is benefiting through its functions in one or the other way. People are thus reaching out for the web interfaces and those without active connections head out to cyber cafes! Opening a cyber café thus can be a great business idea that carries high earning potential. It requires hardware setup that is powered up through an enterprise grade broadband connection. Complementing your internet café with a co working space can maximize your earnings; as there are many orientations such as online data entry and others that demand web machines.

Why you should choose this idea?

Co-working space is a great concept due to it's inherent appeal to the dynamic of the start-up culture.Another factor which influences the appeal and popularity of these spaces is the flexibility of not having to commit to long term leases.

Skills you need

Monitor How People Use the Space.

Encourage Engagement.

Who are you trying to reach and what do you have to offer them?

Things required to start

DO YOUR RESEARCH. Know the market inside and out before you launch.

Your Space For Interaction.

Embrace Diversity Among Members.

Estimate staff needs and costs.

Supply and demand for workspace product in the chosen location

Investment Needed



you’ll end up paying for common expenses, like internet, cleaning services, supplies, and more.

Finding Customers

Established brands that value the community that coworking spaces have may also set up their office in coworking spaces, or allow their employees to have flexible working arrangements, and they can then work out of coworking spaces when they are out of office.

Make Google Your No.1 Marketing Tool. List your coworking space on Google.

Create different Membership Packages.

Be Present on Social Media.

Host Events & Partner With Local Businesses.

Action Plan

Estimate your capacity.

Competitive research analysis and benchmarking within your specific area. (serviced office, coworking, shared space, business center)

Projected seat and desk occupancy rates

Development of a Financial & Business Model


Business Activity – Find a very good space for office working
Target Customers - over internet, local, entrepreneur and startup company
Investment – Office space, office stationary, good internet connection