Database Selling Website Portal

Times have changed and data is no more considered a burden. Rather big data analytics and associated smart functions allow riding on the data meaningfully to generate marketing and sales leads of potential value for the business firms. Therefore companies actively scout for the databases which are relevant to their project and marketplace. You can ride on such a demand by launching database selling portal and cater to the specific demands of the seekers. The success of such a business idea depends on your ability to serve the clients in a resonant manner and of course taking care of the laws of the land that define ethical use of customer data.

Why you should choose this idea?

Database selling portal is required for gathering information about particular verticals from there we can target the right people around the globe.Due to this we can save the time of cold calling and target the right audience across the globe.

Skills you need

Aware about internet

Aware about payment on e-commerce using like google-pay,phone-pe etc.

Aware about Terms and condition

Things required to start

Proper data

Sorting data option



Email Automation drafts

Investment Needed

Almost ZERO

If you have personal computer at you home then investment will be almost zero

Good quality internet connection

Finding Customers

Data center companies who maintain data according to the different verticals

Business owners

B to B companies

Startup’s required data

Action Plan

The motive of our Database selling web-portal is to make easiest way of marketing without field work and come to online marketing.

Cost effective marketing purpose


Business Activity – online web-portal
Target Customers - Any individual over internet
Investment – purchasing amount according to data