E-Library – Ebooks selling Website

Ebook selling websites are forever growing since Kindles are taking over the world. These websites are helping people to get back to their old reading habits without much hassle. Considering the lack of time that we millennials are facing, one can easily access a plethora of books under one roof, the E-Library. Given the higher margins, self-marketing and selling, with lesser investment in maintenance, investing in a business like this can turn out to be really profitable in this era. Self-publishing authors definitely look out for entrepreneurs with expertise in this field, for it is time saving and cost effective for them, and you can earn a few hundred thousand bucks easily. The e-library business has revenue generation booming, and there’s definitely enough space for all!

Why you should choose this idea?

While selling ebooks has the potential to be profitable, it's not a business where you make hundreds of dollars per sale.But if you sell your book directly off your website, you'll want to set up an automated system that takes payment and immediately, automatically, sends the book.

Skills you need

Marketing Your Ebook

Don’t Forget About Proofreading

Be a selfpublisher

Good story teller

Things required to start

Do Choose a Topic You Know Abou

Don’t Make Your Writing Flowery and Complicated

Do Create a Professional Layout and Cover

Investment Needed

Use good images – avoid cheap standard stock photography

A good writer is constantly gathering creative input.

Make Up the Story as You Go….

Some software like grammarly etc.

Finding Customers

Add Your Ebook to a Website like Amazon kindle,Fiverr, Google Play etc.

Correctly formatting your digital product is vital for selling ebooks online

If convenient for your readers, you can also sell your ebook in PDF format.

Add Your Ebook to a Website

Your eBook can become a source of revenue on its own

Action Plan

Selling Ebooks Online

Decide on your topic

Come up with a killer title

Format Your Ebook


Business Activity – follow yor passion to become a author
Target Customers - online and offline who are like to reading
Investment – almost zero to start