Fitness Trainer

Health and fitness have got elusive for most social dwellers around the world and the reasons are complex. This makes it all the more difficult to remain healthy and bouncy. People are turning to gyms and seeking the services of fitness trainer to get counseled appropriately. Fitness trainers have found more requisitioning because of the personalized and custom tailored assistance. If you possess the requisite qualification and skills for such training then leverage the broad opportunities and earn big. Your ability to serve as per individual’s fitness demands makes your services desirable in contrast to blunt catering! This requires detailed health profile analyses and targeted fitness module for every seeker.

Why you should choose this idea?

Fitness trainers and instructors lead, instruct, and motivate individuals or groups in exercise activities, including cardiovascular exercise (exercises for the heart and blood system), strength training, and stretching. They work with people of all ages and skill levels.

Skills you need

  • Healthy diet.
  • Fitness freak Attitude.
  • Create a training schedule and appropriate diet plan.

Investment Needed

  • Gym equipment.
  • Gym Hall.

Finding Customers

  • Fitness Freak people
  • Unhealthy people

Things required to start
Business Cards

Keep them simple. Do not list all the things that you can do, for example: weight loss, nutrition, strength training etc. You will confuse a client and dilute your effectiveness. Include your full name and abbreviation of your education and certifications. Be honest and straightforward. Tell them exactly who you are, a Personal Fitness Trainer; Strength & Conditioning Specialist; Nutrition & Wellness Consultant; Children’s Fitness Specialist and so on. Keep graphics sharp and clear. Keep in mind, if you are trying to attract both male and female clients, avoid overly feminine colors, or icons that are overly masculine.

Brochures & Marketing Pieces

In terms of what you should include in your brochure, here are some basics: If there is too much to read, it will not get read. View yourself and your services/skills and let your writing reflect those qualities in a realistic manner. If the information you are conveying truly reflects what you can do with clients, it will speak to those who read the piece. Tell prospective clients more about your background, philosophy and the services you offer. Be concise, clear and honest. Too often, new trainers will try to cram as much information as possible into a marketing piece in order to cover all bases and attract as diverse a client base as possible. Short biography on yourself and philosophy. A brief description of the services you offer. A clarification of your location. How to reach you. What sort of consultation, if any, do you offer? Use the highest quality material that your budget will allow. Keep in mind that you are trying to appeal to more than just a few people, and a simple, professional approach will assure that your piece gets attention.

If you know someone in graphic design or printing business, consider doing a "trade-out" personal training for design and production of your business materials. If you approve the work this person does, your training efforts will be well spent. Be sure that you ask for samples of their work before you agree to use a designer's services.

Telephone Availability

Be available for new client inquiries. Set up your voice mail so it is reflective of the business. If at all possible, try to have a separate line for your business calls. It will create a much more business-like perception for your business. On your outgoing message, use your full name or professional name; advise callers to leave specific information and state that you will promptly return their calls.

Electronic voice mail is also an option that does not necessarily require a second phone line and can be less expensive than installing another line. A professional answering service is run through a company that you pay to use. It is managed electronically through a computer and will relay your messages via text or email immediately.

Remember, if someone is looking for your service and you do not respond quickly, they may find it elsewhere. If you must use a cell phone or beeper, turn it off during sessions with clients.

Letter of Introduction

Prospective clients will call and want information about you and your services before they deciding to begin. Try to set up a personal meeting with them. Have a form letter that you send to all clients, introducing you and your services. Include your business card and brochure, if you have one.

Action Plan

  • Small Workshop are useful for Fitness Trainer.
  • Workout plan should be executed daily.


Business Activity – Gym services
Target Customers - All kinds of people
Investment – Gym accessories and equipments