Home Chocolate Business

Everyone loves chocolate and cherishes his/her favorite flavors. No wonder the chocolate industry is booming and there are no downtrends! While the biggies are competing fiercely and offering newer concepts to the chocolate lovers, you can also launch your home chocolate business and cater to the enthusiasts through finest ranges at affordable prices. High quality of the product would complement lesser cost and yours could soon develop into a desirable micro brand in the world of chocolates. Just put in fine creativity and offer new genres. This will attract the choco lovers and build a loyal customer base for your startup firm.

Why you should choose this idea?

I haven’t come across anybody who doesn’t like chocolates. Chocolates are something that everybody loves to have anytime. Chocolates are the delicious cure to a bad day. Before starting any business it is very important to have a proper planning. It is always advisable to go step by step.

  • So the first step is : “Website Development”

It is very important to have a website that describes

Who you are ?

What all services you provide ?

Your address, contact information

  • Second step is : “SEO” (Search Engine Optimization)

Once your website is created, register your business on Goggle, so that people start recognizing you, start looking your website. This is what we call SEO.

Though It takes time to come up and make a position in Google but if we keep on working on keywords daily, You can come up in shorter period.

  • Third step is : “Social Media Platform”

You can promote your business by making use of social media platform such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google+.

You can create Facebook page and run advertisement to promote your business and start connecting with your customers.

You can even make your own YouTube channel where you can upload videos related to homemade chocolates.

Skills you need

  • Make a selection of different flavoured soft centres.
  • Make flavoured ganache.
  • Produce moulded chocolates and a range of truffles.
  • Use moulds to make novelty figures and decorations.
  • Work with coloured chocolates.
  • Produce a range of hand dipped items.

Things required to start

  • Understand Your State's Cottage Food Laws
  • Finances, Insurance and Licensing
  • Develop Your Product Line
  • Create An Annual Promotional Plan
  • Get Your Equipment
  • Contact the Health Department
  • Get Your Packaging Supplies
  • Make Your Test Batches
  • Join Your Local Chamber of Commerce
  • Go Digital

Investment Needed

  • You can use your home kitchen
  • Ingredients required for chocolates
  • Good chef

Finding Customers

  • Friends, family, and acquaintances
  • Neighbourhood Store/Super Market/ Cafe/ Cake Shops
  • Corporate Gifts
  • Online Selling ( To individuals for birthdays, anniversaries, valentines and special occasions)

Action Plan

If you are familiar with making chocolates then you can start immediately. Based on your condition and what you want to do there are a couple of ways to go about starting the business. You could choose the route based on how much risk you want to take and how much budget you have.


Business Activity – Product and service
Target Customers - Friends, family, and acquaintances and many more.
Investment – As per the budget you have.