Jobs Website & App

Long gone are the days when people checked newspaper classified looking for a job. The millennials have started searching for opportunities from Job websites and applications. Now is the time to gain enormous profits by taking up this business opportunity, and providing people with the online services. The focus for creating a job website is on offering a variety in the field of occupation, like IT, Marketing, Walk-ins, bank jobs, part-time and even government jobs. One must also develop classification and filter options in these applications so that the app becomes convenient and easy to use. If your model of website gives in a great user experience, you sure have loads of money rolling your way.

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Skills you need

Evaluate your goals with a job board

Things required to start

Select right hosting and job site name.

The elementary decisions

Reach out to employers and collect job postings before launch

Investment Needed

Domain and Hosting

Develope a job recruitment website

Do Some Legwork on Social Networking Sites

Create a Helpful, Informative Marketing Package for Potential Job Advertisers.

Finding Customers

Adding the jobs and Make money from your job board website

Increasing traffic to your website so more people can learn about your organization and services

Growing your email subscriber list so you can stay in touch with more people that your community might be able to help

Employers typically pay a fee to the job board host in order to list their jobs on the site.

Action Plan

Choose your focus or niche

Develop a promotional campaign

Find Out Which Companies in Your Trade Are Currently Advertising Job Openings


Business Activity – Create a job website and engaging a job seekers
Target Customers - Most of the job seekers and students
Investment – Basic website developing cost