Laptop PC Repairing

Computers, in last two decades, have transcended the barriers and now can be commonly found in homes and business offices where these machines serve multiple orientations in a smart manner. However, these machines are sophisticated too and easily get affected by hardware and other issues. The users want to get their laptops and PCs repaired at the earliest to get going with their tasks without any delay. Offering laptop and PC repair and troubleshoot service to such vast numbers of seekers can be a worthy business idea. If you possess the necessary hardware and software skills then set up your own PC/laptop repair company and earn big.

Why you should choose this idea?

It's a stable, in-demand service. Personal computers aren’t going anywhere. People of all ages and stages have computers they rely on for entertainment, banking, connecting with others and more. Unfortunately, there is also constant threat of viruses and other issues, especially for those who use their computer to go online. This creates a steady pool of clients.

Skills you need

Computer repair is a broad field encompassing many tools, techniques and procedures used to repair computer hardware, software or network/Internet problems.

Learn and get certified

Work to gain some experience

technical knowledge and skills.

Things required to start

Set up a workspace that has the tools and equipment you need to work efficiently.

Keep up-to-date on trends in hardware, software, new threats and other issues related to computer maintenance.

Some tools for repairing a pc / laptops

Investment Needed

Research and build solid relationships with software and hardware vendors for affordable resources needed in providing your service.

Basic start-up costs should be minimal

Need some harddrive for backups.

Finding Customers

Buy or create marketing materials such as business cards, flyers and broshures

You have a large target market beyond only individual computer owners.

Contracting with small businesses, if you are able to do so, can provide a solid foundation of regular work for your business.

You can giveing service to IT company which in your local area

Action Plan

Marketing your business

need to purchase and maintain your own tools and testing equipment.

Keep inventory


Business Activity – set up your working space
Target Customers - It companies, local customer, on internet
Investment – Need a computer repair tool, and uptodate knowledge in your field