Matrimonial Portal App

Ever since our demands have grown, the Matrimonial portals and Apps have developed rapidly. To grow their business, one needs to establish an online portal for the people to create their accounts and avail your services. If your application is user friendly and can cater to the needs of your customers, figuring out the best possible match for them, you are sure to succeed in your enterprise. The online marriage business can earn you revenues in crores! The community of Matrimonial websites are thriving day by day, and this is the best time to start your business in this field.

Why you should choose this idea?

Arranged marriages are still considered a general approach in India. Now new facts and statistics have come about arranged marriages in India after many executed research and releases the data about Indian marriage numbers. The very important data come out in Indian marriages is that there is not decrease in arranged marriages in India, which currently stands at whooping 92%. In 2010, a survey was conducted by many matrimonial sites and the result is the data that many eligible Indians normally prefer taking this road. More than half of surveyed people preferred arranged marriage where as just about 18% interested in love marriage option. There are many proof is that arranged marriage is still an obvious choice of people in the Indian mindset. Although, arranged marriage is still preferred across the world but it is very popular in countries like India.

There are lots of offering of using Indian matchmaking sites, such as many Indian matrimonial sites permit chat option with other interested in live chat option. Everyone can perform a matrimonial registration to help your acquaintances finding a perfect life partner. This is the most helpful way to understand each other likings and disliking. That is actually factual that marriage will occur once in a life. Always give unquestionable and dependable queries, unless data will mislead your all future. So present yourself as you are. Today in India people search their life colleague as par their alternative. This is a nice way to search for marriage partners but sometimes there are fake profiles to mislead people. It’s genuinely tough to find the genuine persons with genuine profile in these Indian matrimonial sites. But still your good efforts to ascertain each and every profile methodically and make online matrimony an astonishing experience for you.
Free Registration
Many choices
Short List and Forward Facility
Consumer Experience

Skills you need

Account should be register

Computer and internet handling

Necessary details should be filled

Investment Needed

Matrimonial Portal & Application development cost.

Finding Customers

Bridegroom and bride.

Action Plan

To make marriages across the world.

Things required to start

Creation of data - which form the backbone of your online matrimonial business. Remember the Indian customer likes variety - so your site has to ensure it has multiple options to offer as a “potential” match.

Another important part of DATA - shall be “capturing data about the family” - we in India don’t have a man and woman marry - we have the entire khandaan marry! So capture data about the family! This can be your USP!

Invest in a very good website (if you need references let me know)

The design and layout should be attractive BUT very simple to navigate.

Invest with an app (again I can give you references) - this would be an amazing tool - as a lot of people are not internet savvy - yet are very watsapp savvy. These can be cajoled into using your app.

You need to have data analytics done for your market study and capturing the right audience for your website/business plus also capturing data for your end customers.

Please offer add on services like “court / registered marriage services” in all states. You shall have to have a tie up with lawyer for this in each state. Also have tie ups with religious set ups like priests, maulwis, pandits for home services etc.

Give event planning services (this would be a big revenue earning opportunity for you). People like their “big fat Indian weddings”

Give exotic services like nail art and extensions, hair extensions and hair braiding etc

Tie up with detox and nature cure brands - will also strengthen your own brand.

Please invest in the right kind of advertising - specially with the social media (can help you with links)

Also reach the last mile - and send out your representatives into villages and tier 2 cities - on door to door calls. Hiring such executives can be as interns (paid interns please) or on contract or on permanent rolls. BUT invest in this bit of manpower! Remember people who can “afford” too pay you - shall NOT be always online… (reaching the last milestone) (can help you create the manpower strength - with right kind of hiring for the last mile approach)


Business Activity – Marriage Portal
Target Customers - Bridegroom and brides
Investment – software development team