Music Website App

Music has become the new sensation for the modern youths that want to live the enthusiasm on the go. Music websites and mobile apps offer online music to the listeners anytime anywhere through the smart gadgets and phones. Considering such booming resonance and demand of online music, launching a music website and app can be a great business idea. One can make fortunes by offering real time music on demand and earn big through nominal membership fees and other mechanisms like the ads. It requires an online database creation that contains different music genres and hosting the same through a robust web interface.

Why you should choose this idea?

Music app is the most popular app now a days lots of people following there passion through the music app they recording and singing and publishing there song on internet. Lot’s of young user attracts this platform and we are targeting them.

Skills you need

Knowledge of music and instrumental

Expert in singing as well

Up to date with music industries

Research the music app market

Things required to start

Take yourself seriously

Taking personal and professional inventory

Create a competitive analysis and list your app's rivals.

Settle music license issues to build a Pandora-like app

Investment Needed

App developer

Web hosting

Domain name

Cloud storage account.

Finding Customers

Use social media

Create a video intro to your app

Find people which are interested in music

Pitch the music classes and collaborate with them

Action Plan

Understand what should be included in your plan

Market Analysis.

Executive Summary


Business Activity – Creating a platform for a new generation of singer
Target Customers - over on internet and who love the music and singing
Investment – Hosting, Cloud Storage, domain etc