Online Music Coaching

Communication has become transnational as well as translational with the ‘cyborgisation’ of the living. The democratised space provided by Youtube and other such platforms have allowed access to everyone for coming in the realm of ‘public.’ The public realm allows one to have access to a global audience; one may post videos and allow access only to a few videos, whereas subscription would provide access to the locked videos. Subscription to your channel would get you monitory benefit and eventually a huge subscription base will get you different advertisements to be placed within your videos for diversification of your income source.

Why you should choose this idea?

Education has changed from normal paper pen and blackboard education to computer and white board education. With changing time and orientation in teaching methodology , earlier it was being expected that students can only learn through normal classroom education but time and technology has proved it to be wrong.

Skills you need

confidence in performing

dedication to continue practising every day.

In-depth musical knowledge.

Good teaching skills.

Good organisational skills.

Things required to start

Knowledge of music with different instrumental Studies.

owners need to have their own instrument.

Establish your Web Presence

Investment Needed

Music Instrumental like keyboard, drump, guitar etc.

Good webcam and a mic for recording video lecture

Video editing softwares

Youtube channel

Social account for promotion your lecture

Finding Customers

Start with one-on-one sessions.

Provide value that students love.

Develop a curriculum.

let students know the value you're giving and position yourself as an expert.

Action Plan

Make sure to schedule one or two days completely off from teaching, practicing, and performing.



Business Activity – Follow your music passion
Target Customers - Any individual over internet
Investment – only Music Instrument if you have, then almost zero.