Online Organic Fruits Vegitable Portal

Online revolution is still unfolding as big. It has opened lucrative passages for the commercial banners and ecommerce is one such arena. Whole diversity of products are up for sale in the online domains and organic fruits and vegetables could be counted as the newer entrants. You can also encash this opportunity by establishing your own online organic fruits and vegetables sales portal. The demand is swift in this segment and your inspiration and creativity could drive this business idea to heights! Through smart B2B functions, you can manage your inventory and offer to the customers, fresh produce directly sourced from the organic farms around the world.

Why you should choose this idea?

With a growing emphasis on healthy living, grocery chains and vitamin shops carry organic food products, creating competition. Organic foods may have higher nutritional value than conventional food, according to some research

Skills you need

Match the land with what it is best for.

Prepare the soil and make good compost.

Know your market.

Business Savvy.

Hands-On Experience

Things required to start

Learn the basics of organic farming

The site is key.

Seek a mentor and network with people.

Investment Needed

Find a land to farm

Make provisions for Irrigation

Purchase some farming tools

Buy some good compost and seeds

Finding Customers

You can organize stalls at high end localities or ask China's like big basket.comto stock your products.

create an online chanel to showcase and sell your organic food, especially a website.

And, of course, you can use another ways to reach your target.

Give them a peek into what you do and why you care. Utilize social media, FB, Instagram tell your story.

Action Plan

Choose a tones of Organic products which you can sell.

Do farming with best way

Focus on Natural Products


Business Activity – Do farming in smart and organic way
Target Customers - local people, mega city or over internet
Investment – Land, Farming equipments, Seeds and fertilizer etc.