Refurbished Device Sales

The demand of electronics devices like mobile phones, laptops and computers is high around the world. The market is skewed too and affordability is a deterrent for a large segment of seekers. Refurbished devices have therefore found appeal in market. Setting up a storefront offering refurbished phones and computers can be a fine business idea, considering the demand. The inflow of used devices is much swift and many people keep transitioning to higher grade models for better experience. They dump their products for much lower price and these can be sold after refurbishing to new customers. Offering high end devices for lower price tag attracts youth and all!

Why you should choose this idea?

Refurbished products are graded depending on how many cosmetic imperfections they have e.g. scratches, scuffs, and other marks as well as how much the product has been used by its previous owner and what packaging it comes in. All products are tested and graded to rate their condition, but they don't come with a warranty.

Skills you need

finding great deals on refurbished electronics

Stick to Stores and Brands You Trust

Find Out if There's a Return Policy. Look for a Warranty

Research the Company and Read Reviews on Multiple Sites.

Things required to start

You can buy all types of refurbished item like Laptops and Tablets,Video Game Consoles, Cell Phones, TVs, Printers etc.

Good analysis skill for your niche product

And also need a uptodate in your related product industry

Investment Needed

You Want to Try Something New when you buy something

The refurbishment sector deals with a wide range of industries

Servicing and/or renovation of older or damaged equipment to bring it to a workable or better looking condition

Some good amount of budget for the marketing your product

Finding Customers

Overcart.com. Overcart is India's first marketplace for over-stock, un-boxed, refurbished, and pre-owned products.

Also you can sell your refurbished product on Amazon Refurbished,Snapdeal Refurbished,

You can sell your product through affiliate marketing or some selling account like amazon snapdeal etc.

Action Plan

Refurbished goods are of older model and usually in worse condition than reconditioned (see reconditioning) goods. See also rebuilding and remanufacturing.

Need some quality Product and marketing it on social platform

Alway do a price comparison with new brand and quality product


Business Activity – Find a product which you can sell easaly
Target Customers - over on internet or local and also dropshiping
Investment – buy good quality product and some spend on marketing