Shoe laces

A shoelace consists of only two components: the woven tape that pulls the shoe tightly together, and the aglet, the hardened, taped end that fits through the eyelets on a shoe or boot.

Why you should choose this idea?

The shoelace is one way to ensure the proper fit, and a simple pair of laces, costing of older machinery by an established company would be quite an investment.

Skills you need

  • Market analysis.
  • Follow the trend.
  • Bargaining skills.

Things required to start

  • Basic material.
  • Machine.
  • Employes.
  • Focus on marketing.

Investment Needed

  • Marketing
  • Companies area
  • Maintenance

Finding Customers

  • Online through internet
  • Shoe making companies
  • Small shop owners in local area

Action Plan

  • Listen to your customers and take advantage of the amazing resources that are out there.
  • Advertise your business
  • Provide good quality


Business Activity – making money through selling shoe laces.
Target Customers - through online and shoe factory.
Investment – row materials, and area for manufacturing.