Tour Guide Business Idea

More and more people are traveling to places around the world to live the good life and get great experiences. When they go out on excursions, they essentially seek service of a qualified tour guide; so that their experience emerges the best and memorable! You can bank upon this demand and become a tour guide. Your knowledge about your local city or any cherished tourism destination can let you earn big. However, you need to get yourself registered with the competent authorities and get a valid tour guide service tag first! Through continued experience and of course with proper language skills, you can become a successful tour guide.

Why you should choose this idea?

A tour guide business is perfect for a motivated self-starter. As a tour guide you will be responsible for knowing the most interesting facts and locations in your local area. You will also be expected to pass on this information in an entertaining way.

Skills you need

  • Evaluate Your City.
  • Identify Your Target Market
  • Research Your Competitors

Things required to start

  • Get Your Business Licence and Permits
  • Register as a Guide.
  • Find Your Passion
  • Get active in the local tourism community
  • Highlight the benefits of your product/service

Investment Needed

  • Deal with the legal side
  • Choose a location and hire employees

Finding Customers

  • Design Your Tour
  • Create Your Unique Selling Proposition
  • Determine Your Tour Price
  • Craft Your Story
  • Build Your Website with Sign Up For an Online Booking System
  • Build Relationships

Action Plan

  • Find Your Passion. The first step to building a tour business is to know what you're passionate about.
  • Get Your Business Licence and Permits
  • Register as a Guide
  • Find a travel niche market


Business Activity – Follow your traveling passion and make some money
Target Customers - local and over internet who like traveling
Investment – almost zero to start.